Material Versatility -
Precision Cutting

Expert Waterjet utilizes the latest equipment and software technology sophisticated enough for cutting exotic materials such as carbon fiber and composites yet robust enough for granite or steel. There are no restrictions on rubbers, plastics, or other heat-sensitive materials because the majority of the heat generated is absorbed by the water—resulting in little to no change in temperature or thermal distortion on the material. From fine, minute details etched in stone and copper to precision edges in heavy steel, waterjet cutting services by Expert Waterjet provide precision solutions for applications across a wide range of industries.

Power and Precision Make the Difference
Superior Edge Quality In Any Design Challenge

From prototypes and machine parts to architectural designs and signs, each project has a unique requirement for precision-cut materials. Many projects require extremely hard or very soft materials that are hard to cut with conventional fabrication methods. But with Expert Waterjet, your project isn’t limited by cutting requirements. We offer the power of waterjet cutting to deliver smooth edges, intricate details, and keen artistry with some of the world’s most complex and toughest materials. Take a look at our photo gallery and see what kind of projects we’ve been working on for our clients.